Thursday, 24 May 2012

Illamasqua Naked Strangers Collection


Sorry for my long hiatus and being such a bad blogger!

Today, this popped in to my mailbox and I thought I'd share:

The collection consists of these 3 nail polishes (as well as some nude blushes and lip glosses), all priced at a very specific £12.15 each (this may just be pre lauch, as the RRP is £13.50)!

Here are the details, including site images:

'Monogamous', which is described as a 'creamy flesh pink, matte finish'

'Faithful', which is described as a 'coppered metal, metallic finish'

'Swinger', which is described as a 'glistening platinum gold, metallic finish'

I would say 'Swinger' is my fave out of the 3, as nudes arent really my bag, although I like the look of the nail art in the first image - what do you think of this new release?

For more info, check it out here - the UK release date is 31st May.

Hope you are all enjoying the lovely UK weather today :)