Friday, 24 June 2011

Hiatus and Etsy Finds on Heartsy


First of all, thanks to my new followers - I really appreciate it :)

Also, I just want to say sorry for my extremely long hiatus - I have had a few personal problems recently but i think I am back on track now, so hopefully will be back to blogging as usual!

On to the pretties!

I recently came across a site called Heartsy, which, each day (apart from weekends it seems) posts some really good deals from Etsy stores, for example, buy a $40 voucher for a particular seller for $10.

Using this, I came across this amazing seller on Etsy, which you can find here

The store is named The Little Fox and has some beautiful art prints, necklaces and paper goods - they are part whimsy, part story book, part slightly creepy/cute and I highly recommend checking her out!

I have ordered 3 necklaces so will be posting pics on these when they arrive.

If you are interested in Heartsy, please click on the following link to find out more - yes, its a referral link and I will get $5 credit when you sign up but you automatically will get a $5 credit too :)

I have come across some great sellers on here and the service is totally free - this is in no way a sponsored post or anything like that - I just thought I would share with you guys who may like it!

They also have a VIP service you can sign up too, which is pretty worthwhile too.

If you would like me to do a more detailed post, just let me know.